Our Services
Women's Health And Primary Care

Our staff recognizes that women's bodies differ from men's in many subtle ways beyond the obvious reproductive organs. We believe our patients have a right to compassionate, high quality care that is both comprehensive and convenient. Our doctors and staff are prepared to address your health needs — from adolescence to menopause and beyond.


Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life and requires unique and customized medical care. Our physicians have over 16 years of obstetric experience and have delivered thousands of babies. We understand the many changes that occur in a woman's body and emotions as she prepares for her new baby. We provide full scope obstetric care, walking beside women during their entire nine months of pregnancy including during their labor and delivery in the hospital. We also continue to provide care and support to moms and newborns during the postpartum period and beyond.

Contraceptive Management

Planning a family is a big decision and timing can be very important. We are here to provide women with a wide array of contraceptive choices and will work with each woman to individualize a contraceptive plan that best suits her needs and lifestyle.

Mental Health

We have all had times when we feel a little blue or anxious, however, sometimes these feelings become overwhelming and more serious. Our licensed mental health therapists are available to provide support and counseling to meet the needs of each individual. Couples therapy, child therapy and family therapy are also available for those with relationship needs. Our compassionate physicians and staff are also experienced in the medical treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar and a variety of other mental health conditions.

Substance Assistance

Are you struggling with the use of a substance such as tobacco, alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs? Or perhaps you are having trouble managing a healthy balance when it comes to food intake, shopping, gambling or sex. Our licensed therapists are here to provide treatment and assistance in achieving your goal of recovery. Individual and group sessions are available to meet your needs.

Support Groups

What is a 'Support Group"? A Support Group is a safe place filled with real feelings, motivation, inspiration, acceptance, knowledge and the support needed to achieve your goals. Whether you desire healing from a loss, support losing weight, recovery from substance use, or connection with others who are coping with the basic human struggles that we all share, there is a Support Group available to meet your needs.