Silvia Diego, MD
Principal Officer & Co-founder

I grew up locally in the Fresno area and always knew I wanted to be a doctor to patients in the Central Valley. I attended Harvard University for the summer of 1987 and studied Biology and received my Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in 1989 from California State University Fresno. In 1989 I attended Stanford University School of Medicine and acquired my Medical Degree in 1994. I completed my residency with Stanislaus Medical Center in Modesto California in 1997.

I am currently President of Stanislaus Medical Society, and hold membership at the American Academy of Family Physicians and Stanford Medical School Alumni Association and I am a board member of Doctor’s Medical Center Hospital, Latino Physicians of California, and Foundation for Health Professions and served on the Medical Board of California through 2014. My passion is providing quality health care to the residents of San Joaquin Valley, thus for many years worked at a Community Health Center and was Chief Medical Officer. Realizing that most patients in the valley all struggle with access to quality health care, I chose to open up a medical corporation with my partner Dr. Lisa Gil to be able to more closely touch the lives of more patients and give patients the care they deserve.

Hobbies: Visiting the happiest place on earth! Disneyland!!!